Bay Center Organic Coffee

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All coffees are roasted locally, source certified Organic and Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance; a percentage of the profits go to Chesapeake Bay Restoration. Bags can be personalized to include a holiday message! $16 per 1 lb bag.


Espresso Yourself: A blend of flavor rich in character, texture, and depth. Espresso must be able to hold up to cream and syrups for latte drinks, but should be smooth enough to drink as a solo shot. And this does!! A wonderfully cherry nut start that finishes with a spicy, dark chocolate note.

Lift Your Spirit Blend: Our signature blend of Dark and Medium Roasted Costa Rican Coffee. Roasting levels draw different notes from the beans, so the blend delivers a complex and satisfying cup that’s full bodied yet smooth.

Daily Practice Decaf (Sumatra Mandheling Decaf) A medium roasted decaf blend with richness and body that’s sure to find its way into your daily routine.

Sumatra Mandheling: A big coffee roasted to a French level to open up earth tones, dark spice, full syrupy finish.8