Coming Home to Ourselves

restorative retreat for those who have been touched by cancer

  • Date: TBD

  • 9:30am-3:30pm, Lunch provided

  • Suggested Donation: $25

Coming Home to Ourselves offers a restorative day for anyone who finds themselves in the midst of the storm of cancer. This nourishing retreat is a salve for soothing the very real physical as well as emotional side effects of the cancer journey. Together we will have opportunities to find calmness, compassion and clarity on this “detour” that cancer has imposed on our lives.

Can we truly navigate such a treacherous journey and not only preserve, but cultivate a real oasis of inner peace, inner calm and ease for ourselves amidst such a storm? Can we be with physical and emotional pain and yet remain open, tender, resilient?

Together, in a safe and nurturing place, we will consider ways to develop a greater capacity to meet our challenges with grace, one breath, one heartbeat at a time. Without minimizing the impact that cancer has on us, we will seek to find how we can live fully and richly whatever our individual circumstances.

The retreat will be fully experiential with opportunities for each participant to explore his/her own journey. No lectures. No educational panels. No telling you how you “should” feel or what you “should” do. Instead, we will have restorative yoga, art & music, guided meditation, and time to share (or not) your own experiences.

There will be time for a walk, quiet reflection and conversation with other participants and the program leaders. A delicious, anti-cancer lunch will be provided.

Please feel free to come with someone who has walked this journey with you.

The retreat is led by a committed group of professionals in art, healthcare, yoga, psychotherapy, nutrition and spiritual direction with a devoted team of hospitality volunteers. 

  • Diana Jamison, MSW and artist

  • Suzanne Best, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

  • Jane Cutler, Ph.D., Psychotherapist

  • Carol Burke, Bay Center and Spiritual Director

  • Hospitality Team of Volunteers